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Hi! I'm Angel Murchison
I'm a web developer.  Please feel free to check out my portfolio and contact me if you want to know more!


About Me

I am a .NET developer. I've been in the industry now for almost 8 years and have learned a lot in my time. About software and about people. I intend to learn a lot more.

My first gig outside of education was at a company called ProForma. They produce a software that their customers use to sell print and promotional marketing material. The software was essentially a CRM for that industry. We built version 2 almost from the ground up. Most of the most important business rules were able to be repurposed from existing software (re-written of course, into a C# .NET backend), but a lot of new modules were developed as well. I'm proud of the work I did there, and I learned a ton from the people I met there.

My second and current employer is Geographic Solutions. We produce many software modules for many state governments. The one I work on is devoted to the management of unemployment insurance claims. It's used by claimants, state government staff, and any employers who have an interest in the claim as well. A good part about working here is that I get to feel good about the work I do, knowing that I'm contributing to a system that does a lot of good for some people.

Outside of work, I love to travel, play video games, and hang out with my dog.

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